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Introducing the Connect Module

OK, so the Connect module has actually been around for a while now, but the first version was painfully difficult to use, and the second version has only just seen an official, albeit beta, release.

Connect arose because we wanted to create a flexible and extensible online campaign platform for Drupal. The goal was to produce a framework that would allow different features to be added as necessary. Thus, a single tool could be used to create a simple petition or a sophisticated online email- or fax-sending campaign.

HOWTO: CiviMail Return Channel for Multi-site Servers

Setting up the CiviMail return channel is a notorious pain in the ass. The return channel is the mechanism by which email is passed back into the CiviMail system. It's necessary to allow replies and bounces to be handled by CiviCRM, making it fairly essential to the successful use of CiviMail.

The official way of setting things up is unfortunate in a couple of respects: it requires the installation of a customized version of the amavisd-new content-filtering daemon*, and it cannot handle multi-site installs. The "alternative" return channel implementation, although rumoured to not scale as well, requires no additional software, and can be easily adapted for servers hosting multiple domains that use CiviMail.