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Upgrading PHP and MySQL on Red Hat Enterprise Edition

Enterprise installs of GNU/Linux promise well-supported and rock-solid combinations of software packages.The problem with upgrading the software on an Enterprise install is that the built-in program management system only lets you upgrade and install the limited selection of packages and versions that make up that particular distro.*

MySQL permissions for backup

It's a really good idea to use a least-privilege approach to most system administration tasks, and especially automated ones. This post describes using a "read only" MySQL user to handle backing up MySQL databases.

We use mysqldump to backup our databases on a regular basis, using scripts like this one:

Upgrading Drupal sites

This is a very rough outline of my approach to updating Drupal sites. Note that it assumes both that no core files have been customized and that you have command-line access to a Unix or GNU/Linux system.

1. Set up a working directory (or use an existing one)

mkdir drupal_upgrade

cd drupal_upgrade