My name is Steve McCullough. I'm a Linux and Drupal expert who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I started working with computers at ten years old, when I learned to create rude graphics on my school's Apple II computers. Since then, I have worked with a variety of operating systems and programming languages. And on some slightly more complicated projects.


I started creating HTML web sites in 1995, shortly after the web was invented, moved into and out of ASP web programming in the early 2000s, and have spent the past several years developing, installing, and troubleshooting Drupal sites. I've created informational, social networking, and e-commerce sites for large and small businesses, national and international non-profits, and all levels of government. I have experience with Wordpress and Joomla as well as Drupal, but am far more expert with Drupal (and generally find it superior, but I digress).

I have excellent skills as a programmer, system administrator, and database manager. Perhaps more importantly, I can translate that world into terms that non-programmers can understand. I pride myself at being able to move between the real world of what people want web sites to do and the technical demands of making it happen.

I am good at working with teams, but also capable of handling difficult projects single-handed. In addition to my nuts-and-bolts development experience, I have worked as a technical manager, team leader, and on the business side of translating between user experiences, proposal requirements, and technical deliverables.


My Drupal experience includes everything from simple installs to complicated authentication systems and massive legacy migrations. I am very experienced with complex programming and system integration problems including highly secure e-commerce and single sign-on systems. I have done a lot of custom coding for clients, and have released number of Drupal modules. I am also quite happy building straightforward informational, commerce, and community sites, and appreciate Drupal for providing very powerful site-building tools out of the box as well as a great development platform for custom features.

System administration

I have been a full-time Linux desktop user for about twelve years now, and a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) sysadmin for almost as long. My sysadmin experience includes security, networking, virtualization (with Xen and OpenVZ), installing and troubleshooting. Especially troubleshooting. I am an excellent investigator and creative problem-solver, and have extensive experience working with web, database, and mail servers. I mostly work with Debian and Debian-derived Linux distributions, but also have experience with Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora, SUSE, and a few oddball distros I played with along the way.


Although I mostly work with (and prefer) Linux, I have provided desktop and networking support to an extremely varied range of operating systems, applications, clients and situations.

I also have a PhD in English, which isn't usually relevant to web work, but I like to mention it anyway. When I'm not doing technical computer work, I am usually out camping, canoeing, hunting, hiking, or working at my writing and photography.