Server administration

I have been a desktop Linux user for about fifteen years, and a professional LAMP (Linux - Apache - MySQL - PHP) admin for over eight years. My skills and experience include:

  • Linux installation and configutation
  • Security enhancements
  • Server monitoring
  • Load testing
  • Apache and MySQL performance tuning
  • Mail server configuration and troubleshooting
  • Authentication: SSH, LDAP
  • Virtualization: Xen, OpenVZ
  • Control panels: Virtuozzo, Cpanel, Webmin

I am experienced with many sysadmin tools, and favour the following open-source projects (among many more , of course):

  • Suhosin (for greatly enhanced PHP security)
  • OSSEC (for intrusion detection, alerting, and response)
  • Munin (for performance monitoring)
  • Nagios (uptime and system status alerts)
  • Heartbeat (high-availability failover)
  • Apt-Dater (easily deploy apt-get updates to large numbers of Debian servers)

Contact me if you need a sysadmin or web site administrator in Winnipeg, or Canada, or really anywhere in the world where there's SSH access.