I can take on any aspect of web site building, testing, and troubleshooting, from the lowest depths of server administration to the highest levels of information architecture.

For the past several years I have done extensive web development and programming in the Drupal content-management system. I've also done a lot of work as a Linux web server system administrator. I'm able to take on tasks in any phase or level of Drupal development, from requirements gathering to high-availability failover implementation. See my Drupal and Server administration pages for more details.

As a long-time programmer (it's now been about thirty years!) and early-days web developer (I started doing this web stuff in 1995), I can also help with just about any web project built on PHP and/or JavaScript. I detail some of my more general skills on my Web Development page.

» Drupal development

» System administration

» Web development + PHP coding

Please contact me if you have any questions about something I might be able to help with, or if what you need isn't listed below. I live and work in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, but am happy to work remotely for clients just about anywhere.