Web development

In addition to my technical skills as a Drupal programmer and Linux sysadmin, I have a lot of experience in web project management and business processes. I have a proven ability to communicate with non-technical people about technical topics, which is valuable when engaging in the social and experiential side of web development.

I am experienced with:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Preparing and working from technical specifications
  • Information architecture / Site and navigation planning
  • Training

I have also worked with CMSes other than Drupal, and can help with:

  • Web site building in Wordpress or Joomla
  • E-commerce, event registration
  • Social media integration

And of course, as an experienced PHP programmer, I can also help with a variety of projects.

  • coding apps and templates from scratch
  • debugging/troubleshooting existing apps

Contact me if you are looking for a web designer in Winnipeg. Or if you are looking for a web designer who can work remotely. I work well on my own, and with virtual and semi-virtual teams.